Cognito Spa Cocoa Rose Facial: treatment review

Last month I purchased the Cognito Spa Cocoa Rose treatment box. This beautiful box contained enough products to do 5 full cocoa rose facials. This allowed me to try the products while being able to offer my clients a limited edition treatment that isn’t normally on the menu.

The rise in popularity of the beauty box has been phenomenal over the last few years, think Birch box, Glossy Box and even Miss Glitter Box, a monthly subscription glitter service for nail techs. Cognito Spa has tapped into this trend in an ingenius way by offering beauty professionals a treatment box. The boxes are on sale for a very limited time. All the products are handmade so can  take a few weeks to arrive.

So who or what is Cognito Spa? Cognito Spa is a Suffolk based business that makes handmade beauty products, soaps, bath salts, wax melt, lip balms and various other beautiful smelling products as natural as possible and in small batches to ensure freshness.

What was in the box? The box arrived beautifully presented and contained: one large wax melt in white choc and raspberry scent, 3 smaller wax melts in rose scent, massage chocolate also to be melted before use, rose and vanilla massage oil, rose cleansing balm, rose moisturiser, whipped chocolate exfoliator, white choc mask, chocolate truffle mask, Turkish delight lip balm, solid cocoa butter  and  white chocolate and raspberry lip balm. A nice added extra was a few little gifts such as a herbal tea bag and a packet of Skittles (which my children quickly spied and snaffled).


What did the treatment entail? I offered my clients two options, the Cocoa Rose facial on its own or they could upgrade to include a hot cocoa back, neck and shoulder massage. The facial routine I followed using advice advertised within the Cognito Spa VIP stockists group. We started off with a deep cleanse using the rose cleansing balm, followed by a warm oil  face, head, neck and shoulder massage using the rose and vanilla oil.  Here comes the fun part: the chocolate. I exfoliated using the gorgeous whipped chocolate exfoliator then applied the chocolate truffle mask. The rose scented products are very gentle on the senses,  moving then onto the cocoa based products is a real treat. While the mask is on I massaged hands and arms with cocoa butter warmed and melted down. I finished off with a spritz of toner and application of the beautiful rose scented moisturiser.

For clients having the luxury upgrade I mixed the rose and vanilla oil with warmed and melted massage chocolate. I then proceeded to perform a back, neck and shoulder massage. This part was slightly messy so I advise you have couch roll on top of your towels and keep clients clothes well away from the mixture. It was fun and smelt amazing.

To melt the cocoa butter, massage chocolate and warm the oil I used hot kettle water in small bowl and placed the products in bowls which I sat on top of the bowl filled with water. The products melted quickly and easily. Any leftover cocoa butter and oil I used to mix in with the massage chocolate. Just take care any hot water is no where near your client and is on a safe sturdy place  where it can’t be knocked over.

All of the products I used apart from the toner and eye gel were contained within the box.


The treatment left my clients skin unbelievably hydrated and soft. Being mobile at the moment I tried to set the scene a little with a little gift on the bed for my client. The gift was a single chocolate, a rose wax melt from the treatment box and a little handwritten note card. All ideas from within the marketing support.


The routine and advertising ideas were made by Debbie Goodall of The Spa Diva on behalf of Cognito Spa. Marketing support with the treatment box was fabulous within the stockists group, and included eye catching MeMe’s for social media like the ones below.

What did the clients think? The following review was kindly submitted by one of my regular clients, she was the second person I treated using the Cognito products.

‘From the first whiff of rose and hint of cocoa (good enough to eat!) I knew this facial was going to be special and so it proved……I submitted my tired winter skin to the magic hands of Jo my beauty therapist and the cocoa rose products.

From start to finish it was fabulous. My skin drank in the richly moisturised products full of anti-oxidants and sloughed off the dry skin cells of winter. The magic came after…revealing the new beginnings beneath. I can’t wait to try other facials from this range. Excellent products which leave you with a feeling of well-being and total relaxation. Thank you Jo and thank you Cocoa Rose Facial’

Would I buy from Cognito Spa again? Yes, yes, yes. My clients loved the experience and the scents. I think in the right environment (setting the scene can be difficult when mobile), this facial experience would be something extra special,  Using the marketing support I managed to book in 4 facials within a week of the emails going out. 3 of which were with the cocoa massage upgrade. This was thanks to the fab support and advice within the stockists group. I would definitely buy a treatment box again to allow me to offer limited addition treatments to my clients.

Cognito Spa also stock a variety of handmade products suitable for retail such as wax melts and bath salts. I will be looking into this once I finally have my beauty studio up and running. Cognito Spa have really nailed the beauty box trend for therapists. The stockists support group makes you feel part of the company, and demonstrates excellent customer service. I was always asking questions within the group on the lead up to the release of the treatment box and never once felt like a nuisance or silly for asking.

If you would like to check out the products, to order or find out more please check out the website :

If you are a therapist looking to learn more I would advise you search on Facebook for ‘Cognito stockists VIP group’ and ask to join. It’s the perfect place to get your questions answered and be up to date on the latest products, offers and treatment boxes.

I hope you have enjoyed my review, however in my usual blog style I have added a few mummy moments below to keep you entertained,

sparkle on,

Jo x

mummy moment: finding a small manky orange with a finger hole mashed into the middle of it on your bedroom floor, only because you manage to stand on it getting out of bed #bedroomjuicing


mummy moment: snow days are fun. Especially when the toddler gets their hands on a shovel and insists he’s ‘going out to clear your path’


mummy moment: being unable to use the loo as the now toilet trained toddler uses a full roll of toilet paper at a time #calltheplumber


**This review was an entirely independent review based on my own experiences. I have not been paid to review these products.

Skinbase microdermabrasion: perfect summer skin. Plus Beauty UK review & pictures of this week’s nail mail.


The most popular facial I offer is the Skinbase microdermabrasion facial. This facial can plump the skin, diminish the look of lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and pigmentation. It leaves skin lighter, brighter and super smooth. Bearing in mind I currently only do treatments  3 days a week, I do at least 2 of these facials per week. It is a year round treatment. In Summer it is perfect to treat pigmentation and dark spots, in Winter it is perfect to treat dull skin that needs some va va voom. In this blog post I aim to answer a few questions I am most frequently asked about the treatment.

What does this treatment involve? 

I start off by thoroughly cleansing the skin to remove all make up and oils. I use Eve Taylor Purifying Wash. I then make sure the skin is dry by gently blotting with a tissue. The Skinbase dermabrasion machine is then used to treat the whole of the face, neck, and if required the decollette. I’ve also been known to treat the back of clients hands where they get dark spots, pigmentation caused by the sun.We can target specific areas on the face such as acne scarring, deep lines or pigmentation.

The machine makes a low humming noise when it’s on which is rather soothing. The machine works by simultaneously using a vacuum action while dispensing crushed crystal onto the skin. The crushed crystal is a naturally occuring mineral called aluminium oxide. This helps to thoroughly exfoliate &  deeply cleanse the skin by removing dead skin cells, leaving fresh new skin.

The vacuum action takes away  excess crystals while encouraging blood flow to the surface of the skin. Encouraging the blood flow to this area allows your skin to naturally heal itself by promoting cell renewal , as well as having a plumping action.

The dermabrasion itself takes around 15-20 minutes. This is then followed by  the application of Eve Taylor Soothing Masque to nourish the skin and calm any redness.

The facial is then finished off with a spritz of soothing tonermoisturiser and Solar Shield SPF 25. While the masque is on I like to give clients a hand and arm massage with a lovely hand cream to relax them, and make it more luxurious.

What does it feel like?

The microdermabrasion itself is very relaxing, it does not hurt. The crystals are very gentle. I often start by letting clients feel it on the back of their hand so they know what to expect.

Afterwards the skin may feel tingly, warm and have a slight redness. All of which dissapears within 24 hours. Most clients don’t even get any of the above.

How long does the treatment take?

Including consultation, around 30 minutes. It is the perfect lunch break facial.


Who is it best suited for?

Anyone who wants fresher, younger looking skin or has specific skin concerns which need targeted.

How often is this facial required?

This facial can can be booked as a one off a few days before a big event, as make up looks amazing applied to super smooth, plumper skin.

For specific skin concerns such as acne scarring or pigmentation an initial course of 1 facial per week for 5-6 weeks is recommended followed up by monthly maintenance appointments. During a course of microderambrasion the machine settings are gradually changed each week to improve results.

If you don’t have specific skin concerns but want to keep your skin in good condition I recommend this treatment every 4-6 weeks.


Is there anything I should be doing at home to maintain the results of the facial?

In the first 48 hours after treatment it is essential to apply a soothing moisturiser and sun protection cream to hydrate and protect skin. Avoid any exfoliating &  anti ageing products in this time frame. Moisturiser should be applied a minimum of twice per day. A non irritating soothing moisturiser should be available to purchase from your therapist.

Therapist overview: I find this treatment amazing, you can see visible results instantly. Compared to other facial electrical machines I have been trained to use in the past, this one is relatively simple. You need minimal products in order to carry out the treatment. The cost per service is quite high but the customer service, training and marketing support from Skinbase is amazing.

I have used this company for approximately 3 years now and I can’t fault them. Initially they sent the trainer out to the salon,  if you choose to go for the rental option then  training is free, and start up costs are minimal. Now I am home-based and mobile they have changed my machine FOC in order for me to be able to offer the treatment mobile.

I would advise doing a minimum of 2 of these facials per month to cover the price of the machine and the products used. In my last order from them I received some chocolate, it was a lovely touch, and helped me when I hit the 4pm energy crash I normally experience. The continued marketing support I receive includes Facebook banners, posters, regular emails and I can pick up the phone or email at any time and speak with an expert for treatment or equipment advice.

If I had to cut down my treatment menu for any reason, this would be the ‘stayer’ out of my facial menu. The results speak for themselves, and clients who try it once always return for another.



Beauty UK held @ Birmingham NEC review

We are slap bang in the middle of show season. I never got to Beauty UK, but luckily my fabulous friend did. Jo Stebbens is the owner of Premier Beauty Training. Based in Milton Keynes Jo is a mum of 2 and a therapist herself. She teaches beauty courses round her current clientèle. She is hoping to take her business to the next level and went to the annual beauty trade show held in Birmingham to see what caught her eye. Here is her review below:

‘So it’s a very rare day that I get to go out on my own child free! I haven’t been to a beauty show for a couple of years, so I thought I would pop along to Beauty UK in Birmingham. My first port of call was to the Ink stand. I’ve been using Ink products for about a year, I use it to train with as well as on my clients. I had a long list of colours I wanted to get, so knew it wasn’t going to be a cheap day out!! I met Angie Gunter and had a chat, I also had a brief chat with Chrissy. They were all so friendly and helpful. I was lucky I got there when I did as the stand was really busy after that!


Ink London stall

With my Ink haul purchased, I headed over to Nail Artists UK, their range of glitters, gel and acrylic powders is simply mind boggling! They also have a lovely selection of wraps and foils. A glitter top coat was what I was after, but unfortunately they hadn’t brought any with them, so I feel an online order coming on!


Beauty Select was next on my list. They distribute Callus Peel, which is an amazing treatment. I had run out of a few bits so stocked up on those. I then walked past Cuccio. I love their range of pedicure products. Lots of yummy different fragrances and products including scrubs and body butters. I bought a stainless steel foot file with replacment pads. I prefer these to the rasp style files you can get.

There was a new addition to the show that wasn’t there last time I went, which was literally crawling with people: Magpie Beauty. So many glitters you don’t know what to do with yourself or where to look first. They are simply stunning! I was tempted to add to my collection, but truthfully I have shelves full of glitter and would more than likely be doubling up if I bought anymore! Maybe next time!!


Magpie Glitters: so blingy

I stopped at Lycon Wax where I watched a demo of their hot wax. I was quite interested in this, as I currently use PHD warm wax, and I’m looking for an alternative. I then noticed that tanning company       Sienna X had brought out a wax depilatory system. It seems like every company wants to get in on everything at the moment!

I noticed that the cosmetic company ‘Younique’ had a stand too, and ‘Forever Living’. I’m not sure how I feel about these companies exhibiting at a beauty show. The whole MLM thing doesn’t sit well with me, also the use of these products in a beauty salon just doesn’t have that ‘professional salon only’ that I like from companies such as CND & Ink who only sell to pros.

Other stands I stopped at included Megamix and Magnetic Nails. Megamix have been around for a while now. I like it because you can turn a normal polish into gel, or create your ow mix from glitter and pigments. Magnetic nails is  company I have only come across in the past week. They are plugging a new ‘airbrush’ manicure at the moment, although it doesn’t look much different to the old airbrush designs you could get on extensions.

I stopped briefly at the NSI demo table, where the familiar face of Gemma Lambert-Lewis was doing what she does best!!


Gemma Lambert-Lewis from the Nail Team demoing for NSI

I was fairly disappointed with the show overall. There was nothing that really stood out for me and no amazing new treatments/trends that I thought “I must offer that!”. However, I did manage to buy the products I wanted so it wasn’t a complete waste!!’


Jo’s haul from Beauty UK


Nail Mail this week was a delivery from Glitterarty. This is a newer discovery of mine, you may have noticed in my last blog post a delivery from them. I have a lot of wedding nails coming up so I purchased a few of their ‘bubbles’ glitters to work into the nail design.


I specialise in Rockstar nails. Basically I incorporate glitter into gel manicures. I have a huge glitter collection (and addiction) and like to see it grow. These glitters are really eye catching, and I can’t wait to use them.

My nails this week are finished with Lecente’s Mortar and Waterfall both from the Fireworks collection. Both purchased and featured in my Creative Play Blog. I am completely in love with Mortar. I am wearing it over a bright blue  but it would also look amazing over a purple. The Fireworks collection is by far the most sparkly collection from Lecente, and is my favourite collection so far. #lovelecente


Mortar is gorgeous.

Have you had microdermabrasion before? What did you think? Did you go to Beauty UK this year? What did you purchase? Leave any questions or comments below,

until next time, sparkle on,

Jo x

mummy moments: note to self no.1, never leave a beauty couch roll near a toddler. He was like the Andrex puppy.



note to self no.2 : stop eating the kids crisps


Mum’s healthy lunch.

Note to self no.3:don’t leave your make up lying around as the toddler likes the taste of it waaay too much!


a healthy snack for the 1 year old:a beauty blender covered in foundation