Cognito Spa Cocoa Rose Facial: treatment review

Last month I purchased the Cognito Spa Cocoa Rose treatment box. This beautiful box contained enough products to do 5 full cocoa rose facials. This allowed me to try the products while being able to offer my clients a limited edition treatment that isn’t normally on the menu.

The rise in popularity of the beauty box has been phenomenal over the last few years, think Birch box, Glossy Box and even Miss Glitter Box, a monthly subscription glitter service for nail techs. Cognito Spa has tapped into this trend in an ingenius way by offering beauty professionals a treatment box. The boxes are on sale for a very limited time. All the products are handmade so can  take a few weeks to arrive.

So who or what is Cognito Spa? Cognito Spa is a Suffolk based business that makes handmade beauty products, soaps, bath salts, wax melt, lip balms and various other beautiful smelling products as natural as possible and in small batches to ensure freshness.

What was in the box? The box arrived beautifully presented and contained: one large wax melt in white choc and raspberry scent, 3 smaller wax melts in rose scent, massage chocolate also to be melted before use, rose and vanilla massage oil, rose cleansing balm, rose moisturiser, whipped chocolate exfoliator, white choc mask, chocolate truffle mask, Turkish delight lip balm, solid cocoa butter  and  white chocolate and raspberry lip balm. A nice added extra was a few little gifts such as a herbal tea bag and a packet of Skittles (which my children quickly spied and snaffled).


What did the treatment entail? I offered my clients two options, the Cocoa Rose facial on its own or they could upgrade to include a hot cocoa back, neck and shoulder massage. The facial routine I followed using advice advertised within the Cognito Spa VIP stockists group. We started off with a deep cleanse using the rose cleansing balm, followed by a warm oil  face, head, neck and shoulder massage using the rose and vanilla oil.  Here comes the fun part: the chocolate. I exfoliated using the gorgeous whipped chocolate exfoliator then applied the chocolate truffle mask. The rose scented products are very gentle on the senses,  moving then onto the cocoa based products is a real treat. While the mask is on I massaged hands and arms with cocoa butter warmed and melted down. I finished off with a spritz of toner and application of the beautiful rose scented moisturiser.

For clients having the luxury upgrade I mixed the rose and vanilla oil with warmed and melted massage chocolate. I then proceeded to perform a back, neck and shoulder massage. This part was slightly messy so I advise you have couch roll on top of your towels and keep clients clothes well away from the mixture. It was fun and smelt amazing.

To melt the cocoa butter, massage chocolate and warm the oil I used hot kettle water in small bowl and placed the products in bowls which I sat on top of the bowl filled with water. The products melted quickly and easily. Any leftover cocoa butter and oil I used to mix in with the massage chocolate. Just take care any hot water is no where near your client and is on a safe sturdy place  where it can’t be knocked over.

All of the products I used apart from the toner and eye gel were contained within the box.


The treatment left my clients skin unbelievably hydrated and soft. Being mobile at the moment I tried to set the scene a little with a little gift on the bed for my client. The gift was a single chocolate, a rose wax melt from the treatment box and a little handwritten note card. All ideas from within the marketing support.


The routine and advertising ideas were made by Debbie Goodall of The Spa Diva on behalf of Cognito Spa. Marketing support with the treatment box was fabulous within the stockists group, and included eye catching MeMe’s for social media like the ones below.

What did the clients think? The following review was kindly submitted by one of my regular clients, she was the second person I treated using the Cognito products.

‘From the first whiff of rose and hint of cocoa (good enough to eat!) I knew this facial was going to be special and so it proved……I submitted my tired winter skin to the magic hands of Jo my beauty therapist and the cocoa rose products.

From start to finish it was fabulous. My skin drank in the richly moisturised products full of anti-oxidants and sloughed off the dry skin cells of winter. The magic came after…revealing the new beginnings beneath. I can’t wait to try other facials from this range. Excellent products which leave you with a feeling of well-being and total relaxation. Thank you Jo and thank you Cocoa Rose Facial’

Would I buy from Cognito Spa again? Yes, yes, yes. My clients loved the experience and the scents. I think in the right environment (setting the scene can be difficult when mobile), this facial experience would be something extra special,  Using the marketing support I managed to book in 4 facials within a week of the emails going out. 3 of which were with the cocoa massage upgrade. This was thanks to the fab support and advice within the stockists group. I would definitely buy a treatment box again to allow me to offer limited addition treatments to my clients.

Cognito Spa also stock a variety of handmade products suitable for retail such as wax melts and bath salts. I will be looking into this once I finally have my beauty studio up and running. Cognito Spa have really nailed the beauty box trend for therapists. The stockists support group makes you feel part of the company, and demonstrates excellent customer service. I was always asking questions within the group on the lead up to the release of the treatment box and never once felt like a nuisance or silly for asking.

If you would like to check out the products, to order or find out more please check out the website :

If you are a therapist looking to learn more I would advise you search on Facebook for ‘Cognito stockists VIP group’ and ask to join. It’s the perfect place to get your questions answered and be up to date on the latest products, offers and treatment boxes.

I hope you have enjoyed my review, however in my usual blog style I have added a few mummy moments below to keep you entertained,

sparkle on,

Jo x

mummy moment: finding a small manky orange with a finger hole mashed into the middle of it on your bedroom floor, only because you manage to stand on it getting out of bed #bedroomjuicing


mummy moment: snow days are fun. Especially when the toddler gets their hands on a shovel and insists he’s ‘going out to clear your path’


mummy moment: being unable to use the loo as the now toilet trained toddler uses a full roll of toilet paper at a time #calltheplumber


**This review was an entirely independent review based on my own experiences. I have not been paid to review these products.

Mum’s on the move: mobile therapist storage solutions


Since the salon got flooded in December I now work mainly from my home based salon, but I also offer a mobile service. Generally I am out and about  at least 1 day a week. I love putting on my sunnies and turning up the music, while consistently checking my sat nav ( I have the worst sense of direction ever). I get to work in some amazing houses. Its fab. However, in the early days adjusting from having everything sitting ready in a salon, to being mobile, was a huge shock to the system. I would appear at client’s homes carrying boxes, reusable shopping bags, and carrying my glitter and Shellac collection in a fruit and veg box- I kid you not. It was not a good look. In fact, it was a disaster. Thank goodness my lovely clients stuck by me through the adjustment stage and let me improve on my somewhat rusty skills of being a mobile therapist. I had to find a solution, and find it fast.

After a lot of research and asking other beauty professionals I decided to order my mobile storage kit off Roo Beauty. I started off with their Beauty Bundle, which includes polish storage and the Roo Glamour Bag. I love it. It has compartments for everything, and I feel it keeps my Ink and CND Led lamps snug and secure.


My Roo Glamour beauty bag: it has lots of pockets and clever storage compartments. It is light and easy to carry.

It wasn’t long before I added to my collection, I needed more room, so I purchased the Roo Beauty Cube. It holds 75 polishes over  3 different individual zip compartments that are removable. Before a mobile appointment I  quiz clients on what colours they would like and I pick a selection to suit their taste. For example if a client tells me they would like ‘bright and sparkly’ , I would pick a selection of pinks, reds, citrus colours and then a few wild cards, so say some nudes and marine colours, just incase. This saves me having to bring my full collection from the salon. The compartments allow me to separate polishes by colour or brand.


For those that know me, you know I have an addiction. A glitter addiction. I can’t help it. I have 2 glitter collections. In the salon I have a whole rack of Lecente glitters and pigments on a rack. In fact, come to think of it I need another Lecente rack as recently I decided I needed Lecente’s Mortar  glitter in my life. There has also been a  sneak peek of new summer glitters and strands released that I cannot wait to get my hands on. For my mobile work I bought the Ink Kinky Glitter Complete Collection, because I felt it had a bit of everything, and the smaller, flatter pots would be easier to store. So this gives me 2 collections. One I keep in the salon and one I keep in my mobile kit.

I store all my glitters and nail art products in a Bitzee Bag. It keeps them neat and allows clients to ‘flip’ through, and thanks to the clear zip pockets it acts as a glitter catalogue. Perfect.



My liquids are all stored upright in  a Roo Vanity Case, which stops them leaking. In the event something was to burst or leak, the solidness of the box should keep any spillage inside and stop me damaging my car upholstery (although nothing can save my car from my terrible parking).

A handy tip for towels is to keep 2 reusable bags. I use one to store clean towels, and one for used towels. This way when out and about I’m not getting the nice fresh towels mixed up with any that may be covered in nail dust and glitter.

Last but not least my waxing kit. I use Phd Safewax, which is a pretty neat and compact unit anyway. I keep it stored in the Mamba beauty Storage case. I use the pull out compartments for tweezers, thread, disposables and my tinting kit. I tend to preheat the wax before I leave the house to save time at mobile waxing appointments, but in the event the wax is needed in the middle of the day, it only take 20 minutes to heat.  I take the case into the clients house first, plug in the heater and set up my waxing station, and then unload the beauty bed and anything else I need. By the time I do this, the wax is ready to use.

It looks a lot, but I know exactly where everything is. I love that with the Roo Beauty stuff you can co-ordinate everything, it looks so pretty. My next purchase is going to be a storage solution for my ever expanding make up kit. If you have any suggestions, or pictures of what you do with your make up kit, then please do share. Leave your comments below.

I now have double of most of my kit apart from my LED lamps  & huge collection of polishes and Shellac colours. I find this way it makes my mobile work easier to prepare for. When I get home all I have to do is chuck the used towels in the washing machine, wash and sanitize my tools and replace anything I am running low on.


All packed and ready to go for a day’s work doing nails and waxing.

One of the hazards of going mobile is forgetting to eat. A packed lunch is essential. If you ever see my car parked up some -place random, it will be me eating my lunch. I’m terrible for stuffing really (un)healthy snacks into my gob at around 3pm when I get my sugar crash. Favourite’s include these Drumstick squidgy sweets and any kind of chocolate. To be fair, eating while at work is one of my hobbies. One of the only times I get an undisturbed meal while actually sitting down. At home I usually eat while standing up whilst putting clothes into the machine, or even whilst I’m making it. Some days it just lies on the table abandoned, congealed and cold, as child no.3 has decided he wants to try and climb out his high chair and kamikaze his way to the floor or stick his fingers down his throat and gag all over the place. Anyway I digress, my point is: to all you mobile therapists out there, please do take your time to eat. Drink plenty too, if a clients offers you a drink-say yes!!! (unless its vodka, in which case you grudgingly have to say no, lol) .

This week at work  I have been doing a lot of orange, coral and ombre two tone nails. Below is a small selection of nails I have done this week, if you click on the picture it will give you information on the products I used. These were all on natural nails.


This week I added to my make up collection due to the up and coming wedding season and I purchased : Urban Decay Smoky palette, and their original Naked palette. Urban Decay eye shadows are super pigmented ,and suit most skin tones. I also bought Mac’s Prep + Prime Skin Primer as I had run out.


If your a mobile therapist and have any tips to share please comment below.

Until next time, sparkle on,

Jo x

mummy moments this week: child no.3 trying to annihilate a baby chick by grabbing it by the wing. Trying to teach a 1 year old how to be gentle is like trying to keep a bull in a china shop. Poor wee thing will be traumatised #mummyproblems


Child no.2 running in to tell me to be quick there was a hedgehog in the garden. I went out to discover she had been trying to feed it mushed up bits of sausage leftover from breakfast. The poor wee thing had curled up into a ball in protest at being fed Malcolm Allan sausage for its brekkie. I managed to distract her long enough for it to go back under the hedge by bribing her (I painted her toenails). Funnily enough the sausage was also gone when I went to check later, I don’t know which of the 2 actually ate it. #hedgehogatkinsdiet

The eldest putting the toddler in a washing basket and pushing him round the kitchen. Who needs expensive days out when you have a basket eh?#brothersisterbonding